I’ve been working with Leslie for over a year now and highly recommend her Pilates classes, Mindful Movement classes, and personal training sessions.  These classes include all ages as well as all levels of exercise experience and work well for all.  Exercises and movements are modified and demonstrated for all levels.  You are encouraged to progress and improve but there is no hard core pressure to push thru no matter what.  For me personally, the best thing is that Leslie gets to know you as a person and identifies physical issues that can be improved with completing an exercise the correct way or improving your posture.  She focuses on improving your overall health not just working out for an hour.  I walk taller, I sit straighter, and the dull pain that was consistently in my neck and shoulders is now gone.  Movements in my daily life are much easier and I just feel better!  This is a result of utilizing the tools she teaches in her Mindful Movement classes.  And the very best part is that we work hard but we also have fun.

Jeannette McGowen
Senior Program Manager
NCR Corporation


“Leslie offers a relaxing and safe environment.  I really enjoy the variety Leslie offers in her mat class.  She incorporates the pilates machines with basic techniques.   I have felt the muscles I didn’t even know that existed. Leslie makes sure my posture is correct so I don’t hurt myself and also very accommodating.  If I am not sore the next day then I did not push myself.  Leslie is an amazing teachers for all ages. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with me.”

Jennifer  Chen-Bixby